stories by dave eggers

graphic design & photography - porto design summer school

In this project I have created a book working with the text “Unlikely Meetings”, “I will always love you” and “A Conscientious Young Man With The State Department” by Dave Eggers with a common visual expression which links all of the stories together.

The texts are different from one another, but share a sarcastic and pessimistic tone of voice that takes place in the everyday life, where the the characters experiences and stories build on coincidences. To express these themes I have created a visual univers, with everyday photos, combining them and creating randome imageries. The texts and the cover of the book are placed in the middel of the book to underline the randomness, which the autor expresses in his writings.

The Project is created at Porto Design Summer School 2018. Tutors: Andrew Howard, Hamish Muir, Ronnie Fueglister and Sonya Dyakova