web design, video, animation & campaign strategy - school case

When you are young in Denmark you take a lot of chances in life. Chances like starting a education, going on a long journey, starting up a new relationship etc. And you, because it is your first time doing it, have no clue of all the consequences of these actions in advance, but still you do it.
But when it is about taking a chance and vote for the communal election, young people aged 18-25, don’t dare.
With my 2nd semester exam project, I tried to create a solution for this issue. The project is an “setup payoff” campaign, that first will trigger a curiosity - where the sender is secret and will be revealed as part of an election campaign in the end.

For this campaign I made a campaign website, videos for SoMe and posters for public spaces.

Campaigns and videos can be watch here
Video explanation about the project can be watch here
The project has been created in cooperation with Noa Sophie Stoustrup and Fie Clara Røssel.

click here to see webpage.

The webpage is made from scratch using bootstrap as framework